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NCP5392P: 2/3/4-Phase VR11.1 Buck Controller

Datasheet: 2/3/4 Phase Controller for CPU Applications
Rev. 2 (479.0kB)
Product Overview
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The NCP5392P provides up to a four phase buck solution which combines differential voltage sensing, differential phase current sensing, and adaptive voltage positioning to provide accurately regulated power for both Intel and AMD processors. Dual edge pulse width modulation combined with inductor current sensing reduces system cost by providing the fastest initial response to dynamic load events. Dual edge multiphase modulation reduces the total bulk and ceramic output capacitance required to meet transient regulation specifications. A high performance operational error amplifer is provided to simplify compensation of the system. Dynamic Reference Injection further simplifies loop compensation by eliminating the need to compromise between closed loop transient response and Dynamic VID performance. In addition, the NCP5392P provides an automatic power saving feature, Auto PSI. When the Auto PSI function is enabled, NCP5392P will automatically detect the VID transistions and direct the Vcore regulator in or out of low power states. As a result, the best efficiency scheme is always chosen.
Отличительные черты   Benefits
  • Dual Edge PWM
  • Fewer output capacitors required resulting in reduced cost
  • High Performance Operational Error Amplifier
  • Ease of Use
  • Dynamic Reference Injection
  • Ease of use and tuning
  • DAC Range from 0.375V to 1.6V
  • Versatility
  • .5% System Voltage Accuracy from 1.0V to 1.6V
  • Reduced cost
  • True Differential Remote Voltage Sensing Amplifier
  • Ease of Use
  • Phase to Phase Current Balancing
  • Reduced cost
  • Differential Current Sense Amplifier for each Phase
  • Ease of Use
  • Frequency Range: 100kHz - 1.0MHz
  • Reduced cost and improved performance
  • Meets Intels 11.0, 11.1 and AMD 6 bit Code specifications
  • Versatility
Применения   End Products
  • Desktop Processors
  • Servers
  • Desktop Processors
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NCP5392PMNR2G Lifetime
Halide free
2/3/4-Phase VR11.1 Buck Controller QFN-40 488AR 1 Tape and Reel 2500  
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